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Hi - I'm the founder of this site and the primary master of all functions here. When I'm not writing, you can find me reaching out to the Chinese Medicine community across the web and in my own backyard. I currently teach Chinese herbs at my alma mater, the National College of Natural Medicine. Additionally, I'm the founder of Watershed Wellness, a thriving local clinic in Southeast Portland in Oregon. No matter where I'm working, you'll find my focus on the Classical approach to Chinese medicine laced throughout everything I do.

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Learning classical Chinese is foundational – an interview with Rick Goodman

As I’m working on some of the foundational materials for the upcoming Shennong Relational Herb Learning course, I’m revisiting some material from classical Chinese medicine texts that I don’t know particularly well.  It’s prompted me to get out my Big Chinese-English Dictionary and start slogging through the tedious process of translating passages when you’re not fluent […]

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Using Devonthink to learn and write about the Chinese herbal formula Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang

This article is a bit of a dork odyssey, being how it relates to the use of a computer database program to organize highly specialized information related to Chinese herbal formulas.  That will either attract or repulse you – I hope the former! I have something of an obsession with database programs.  Of course, it’s not […]

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