Questions About the Ancient Chinese Medicine Theory of Seasonal Living

In my work to create an excellent resource on seasonal living, I’ve run across a few interesting questions. Because the past couple of days have been full of intense and enjoyable time with my family (thus the lack of meaty posts) I thought I would put these questions out for discussion.¬† If you have any insights about these questions, I would really love to hear them in the comments – just look above this post and click on the comments link. No registration is required.

The theory of living in step with the seasons as I have learned it was developed in ancient China – a particular place – during a particular time. I believe that despite this, the principles are universal – regardless of where one lives and the quality of the seasons there living in harmony with them is a good thing to do. However, I am still interested in how different environments and different conditions (for instance, global warming) should impact our recommendations to folks looking to follow the ancient Chinese advice to live seasonally. I wonder…

  1. If a person lives in a place with less than four obvious seasons, should they live according to that rhythm or is there something inherent in the four/five season model that is important to follow regardless of localization?
  2. Regardless of the answer to #1 – If a person’s ancestors (particularly recent) are from a place without a 4/5 season year, should they follow where they are or where their blood is from? In other words – is there a “genetic” aspect to the healthfulness of following seasonal energy?
  3. Regardless of the answers to either of the above questions – if someone lives in a particular location and moves to a place with different seasonal movements than their home (say for college) and they plan on returning, should they live in harmony with the seasons of their home or the new place?
  4. How does global warming impact our need to live in accordance with seasonal energy? Should we keep to the old seasonal movements, or mimic the changing energy of our new environment?
  5. Somewhat less drastically – if there are odd seasonal patterns afoot (cold when it shouldn’t be) will our matching what the energy is supposed to be help us to resist external pathogenic influences?
  6. How important is it to eat local foods? For instance, is there some imbalancing effect of a person born and raised in Oregon eating sub-tropical bananas? If so, what is the effect?

All of these questions bear further investigation Рhave any ideas?  Please share in the comments section below.

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