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chinese_medicine_questionI’m part of the student government association at NCNM in Portland, OR and I am currently working on creating a scholarship for Classical Chinese Medicine students at our institution. The SGA funded the scholarship and now I’m just working on logistics. Part of the scholarship application will involve students answering a question – with the best answer (as judged by a panel of students) getting the nod for the award. Anyway, as I was brainstorming potential questions I became lost in thought at my potential answer to one. I thought I would pose it to you, my readers.

If you could ask three questions of any ancient scholar of Chinese medicine, who would it be, why, and what would your three questions be?


For me, it would definitely be Zhang Zhong Jing. I know that in ten years time I will have much more insightful questions, but right now my questions would be:

1. To what extent did you base your work on the Neijing and Tang Ye Jing?

2. What’s up with Wu Zhu Yu Tang? I mean, seriously.

3. Are there any diseases you feel can’t be treated by what you present in the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui? If so, what are they and why can’t they be treated by the formulas and procedures set out in those books?

As a bonus, I would ask him if he has an intact copy of the Tang Ye Jing and, if so, if I can have it. 😀


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