Deepest Health Podcast 16 – Why bulk Chinese herbs?

do you really need to use bulk chinese herbs?One of my great passions is to practice Chinese herbalism as close as possible to the way it was practiced when the great texts of our medicine were compiled.  I may not always practice that way, and I’m not so arrogant to think it’s the only way, but for now it is my dearest wish and something that brings me (and my patients) great satisfaction.

Because of this passion, I have always been keenly interested in the way individual herbs are prepared and the way those individual herbs are then offered to patients. One facet of that interest revolves around the difference between prescribing bulk herbs versus prescribing granules.

Tim Rudowsky of Green Tea Apothecary (no longer in business) shares my passion and has turned it into a business!  In this month’s podcast, we dig into the issue and have a good deal of fun along the way.


Show notes

1. Green Tea Apothecary :
2. Tim’s great Classical Chinese herbalism manual is for sale online click here to view more details
3. Slate and Shell PDX, blog of a NCNM student and friend who made Wumei Wan
4. – herbal company Tim mentions as testing for pathogenic organisms
5. Book by Eric Brand, of Legendary Herbs, that Tim mentions. A Clinician’s Guide to Using Granule Extracts

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