Learning Chinese herbs can be hard – but it doesn’t have to be

I’ve been teaching herbs at my alma mater, and every term is a HUGE learning experience for me. I also do private tutoring, and even did so when I was still a student. Before Chinese medicine, I did teaching at the undergraduate level and still more tutoring in all kinds of subjects. As I’ve gone along, I’ve noticed some things about how people learn and what type of teaching really STICKS.

I’ve learned a lot, especially, in teaching Chinese herbs

There’s just so much frustration out there, and so much misguided (if well intentioned) teaching. But, herbs are such a powerful resource for us as practitioners – I hate to see people struggle so much. That’s why I teach – to help ease the burden a bit.  I just feel so enormously blessed to be able to share what I’ve learned – even more blessed that I learned it in the first place.  I mean, the number of incredible practitioners (peers and teachers included) in a 50 mile radius from my clinic is truly astounding!

But not everybody lives in Portland

The reality is that some people are already through their formal education, or don’t have the resources to enter into formal training just yet.  Still others just don’t have access to the wealth of resources that a place like Portland offers.  So, the number of people these teachings can reach is limited. That’s too bad for them (because struggle doesn’t have to be the norm) but also too bad for me (because I love the community that learning brings).

So, I thought one day, why not create a course for the public, in that global classroom of the Internet?

A feedback request, and a promise

If this is really going to happen, I want it to be truly helpful to the people who join me.  That’s why I want to put a question to you – a simple one – in the hopes that you’ll help me make this resource an incredible benefit to all participants.  To answer, all you have to do is mosey over to the contact form and send me a note.  You could also post a response to this blog entry.  Ok, the question….

What resources have been most helpful in your herbs learning journey?

This can be a book, a website, something in your environment, a teaching technique, etc… just send me a quick message with that information, and I’ll use it to create this offering.

Thanks for helping out.

This teaching will be ready in October – people are already showing interest.  I’ve got a special email list just for people who want to get early notice.  Interested?  Join up here, if you haven’t already.

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