Chaihu 柴胡 and the value of moving pictures

Remember when we were talking about Chaihu 柴胡 and the principle of guiding out the old to generate the new?  I talked about it in this article.  Well, I can’t say I’ve figured that out, yet.  But, I did do quite a bit of working with and thinking about Chaihu.  This all happened at the same time I was bringing on a new contributor and co-conspirator to the site, Sunjae Lee.  He’s an artist, among other things, and one medium he enjoys is video.

So, we thought, let’s make some Chinese Medicine Central videos!  The survey (click here to take it if you haven’t already) reveals that a lot of people are interested in video content – and I love the medium – so why not?

So far, we’ve made two – with many more to come.

We’re starting out with herbs, but will branch out eventually.  We’re hoping that these are fun and accessible enough for anybody to enjoy, and compelling enough for you to share – on Facebook – on Twitter – with your friends in the halls of your school – by email to colleagues and so on.  Please feel free to comment at the Youtube channel itself, or on these posts.

We’ll be archiving all the videos on our new video page, which will eventually need to be redesigned to accomodate all the content!

Hope you enjoy them.  Oh, and to answer your question, yes,  I’m always like that.  😉  If you are viewing this post via RSS, you will have to come to the site to view the videos or just go check out our Youtube channel (

Intro to the series

Chaihu 柴胡 – a simple teaching

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