Deepest Health Podcast 18 – Laurie Ayers – Chinese medicine scholarship & memorization

Laurie Ayers Chinese Herbs

Interview with Laurie Ayers, LAc (UK)

I’m happy to welcome Laurie Ayers to the Chinese Medicine Central podcast. Laurie is a rising star in the field of Chinese medicine whom I met through his involvement with the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine (ICEAM). He is someone who consistently inspires me to be a better student, and has helped me unlock more than one difficult case. Also, as a Chinese medicine practitioner in the United Kingdom, he has a few interesting notes to share with those of us who practice elsewhere. Learning about the differences in how this medicine is practiced in various countries is always illuminating.

In the podcast, we discuss a lot of topics related to the study of Chinese medicine. We focus particularly on the purpose of memorization, as well as digging into how everyday practitioners and students can make real study a way of life. Enjoy!

If you would like to find Laurie online, use the links below:

Laurie Ayers at Eastern Healing Arts
Laurie Ayers at ICEAM Instructors page

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