Deepest Health Podcast 20 – Interview with Andy Ellis of Spring Wind Herbs

Evidence of my respect for Spring Wind herbs can be found all over Chinese Medicine Central.  I was lucky to be introduced to this company early on in my Chinese medicine education.  I was (and am) even luckier that Andy and the whole staff of Spring Wind are so forthcoming with knowledge about bulk Chinese herbs.  I promised Andy I wouldn’t turn this into a promotional post for his company, so we’ll leave it there.

I knew I wanted to get Andy on the podcast as soon as I could.  Being one of the first generation of practitioners of Chinese medicine in the US, I knew he would have a lot of information to share with students and practitioners.  I have to tell you that for hours after recording this podcast, I was simply beside myself.  I was delighted to learn of his experience learning the medicine in the years when travel to China for Americans was extremely difficult or impossible.  I was excited to hear what such an experienced practitioner and herb distributor had to say about the future of Chinese herbs.  I think you’ll be just as excited to hear what he has to say.

Topics covered:

1.  Andy’s history in learning Chinese medicine – valuable for those of us who grew up in the post-institutionalization age

2.  The reality of buying and selling bulk herbs in the US

3.  The future of bulk herbs in the US and how to solve major problems therein

4.  Whether we should be growing Chinese herbs domestically

5.  The problem of pesticides & heavy metals in Chinese herbs

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