Deepest Health Podcast 21 – Chinese medicine essential theory chat with Brandon Brown

brandon brown essentials of chinese medicine In a special edition of the podcast, I talk with new Chinese Medicine Central teacher, Brandon Brown, about… well, a little bit of everything.

We talk about the Chinese Medicine Essentials course, launching for the first time in July 2012, but use that as a jumping off point for a lot of interesting discussion.  We cover the meaning of “essential,” some things we’ve learned about Chinese medicine education in the US, the role of the Dao de jing in Chinese medicine, the organ clock, the six conformations and more.

It’s a little like sitting in the back room of our clinic listening to all the Chinese medicine geekiness unfold, as it often does, over at Watershed.  We both hope you enjoy it.  We enjoyed recording it, and hope to do another one sometime soon!

The essentials course will be entering pre-registration very soon, so if you’re not already on the interest list, go ahead and add your information to the list below, or by clicking this link to learn more about the course and sign up for more information.  You’ll receive a nice visual PDF of some Chinese medicine concepts for your trouble, and of course we’ll never spam you or sell your information.

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