Deepest Health Podcast 22 – Learning Chinese Medicine Using Computer Based Technology

It’s a podcast explosion here at Chinese Medicine Central.  The third podcast in a single month – I think it’s a record!  If you missed out on the last two, be sure to check out my extremely informative interview with Andy Ellis of Spring Wind Herbs as well as my conversation with Brandon Brown about the Essentials of Chinese medicine.

This podcast is a little different from my recent pattern, and actually a return to how the podcast started out.  It’s just me (sorry) talking about something hopefully useful to both Chinese medicine students and practitioners – learning Chinese medicine. Because of the high workload I’ve been carrying lately, I simply decided to talk about something via audio that I usually would talk about using text!

I just can’t stop thinking about learning Chinese medicine – I have to let it all out somehow!

The podcast is related to this post where I discussed my commitment to diving deeper into the classical Chinese herbal formulas for the next year.  Here, I set things up, demonstrating how I expect to memorize Chinese herbal formulas using my Mac, my iPhone and iPad, and the fantastic multi-platform application, Evernote.  If you’re not a Mac user, I think there’s still something here for you because of the platform agnostic nature of Evernote – it runs on all kinds of hardware.

This is a short recording – only 25 minutes or so.  The quality is a touch iffy.

In a follow up,  I will expand on how exactly I set things up and use them. Let me know in the comments, or by leaving a rating in iTunes, if you like shows that cover topics like this.  Don’t worry, we’ll still be doing plenty of interviews.

Here are some links to some of the things I discuss in the show


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