Getting back to the basics of websites (my mistake in last blog entry)

Whew – lots of things crop up when one is rebuilding a website from the ground up, as I did.  Just today, in fact, I lost ALL THE CONTENT FROM THE SITE temporarily.  Then the membership side of things fell apart.  Lots of stress, lots of walks and Qigong, lots of good ginger tea, more than a little hair pulling.  🙂

Everything is back to normal now.

But, when things were still in a state of disrepair, I accidentally sent out a bad link in a newsletter (and on the blog).  If you clicked on that link, you would have been taken to a page that told you that the content was “members only.”  This was incorrect.  There IS a members area, and you do have to pay to access the content back there – but regular blog content will never be part of that.

The correct link, now absolutely free for everybody to view can be accessed by clicking here!

I really believe in releasing lots of high quality content for free.  That’s why I’ve been blogging since 2007, that’s why I have the podcast, that’s why I spend lots of time looking for ways to expand the free offerings here.  That’s a lot of what’s coming in the next few months.

So, sorry for that little glitch.  It’s irritating, and it probably put a few of you off, but we should have more or less smooth sailing form here.


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