Brandon Brown, MSOM, LAc

brandon brown essentials of chinese medicineBrandon came to know Chinese Medicine as an integral part of his own healing journey. He left a successful career in engineering as well as the western model of care to seek out help for his own state of dis-ease by traveling the countries of Asia. It is there that he discovered the efficacy of Thai massage and witnessed firsthand the massive power and simplicity of the acupuncture needle that almost instantly cured him of an ailment that western medicine had been unable to effectively remedy in over a year of treatment.

In addition to obtaining the Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, Brandon completed a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Classical Chinese Medicine where his continued study of the classical texts and cultural arts inform and deepen his practice of this ancient art form. His passion for education and learning have run deep throughout his life and he looks forward to exploring and discovering this beautifully ancient but still very applicable medicine with you.

Brandon Brown lives and practices in Portland, Oregon with his wife Ashlie Hempstead, ND, LAc and their daughter Maizie.

Brandon teaches the Essentials series on CMC:

  1. Essentials – Foundations (re-releasing in early 2016)
  2. Essentials – Five Phases (re-releasing in early 2016)
  3. Essentials – Six Conformations (available for registration NOW)

His other contributions to the site include:

  1. Deepest Health Podcast 21 – Chinese medicine essential theory chat with Brandon Brown
  2. The clinical usefulness of the six conformations
  3. Chinese medicine & numerology – quick thoughts on the numbers 5 & 6