Jonathan Edwards

 A recent graduate of NCNM’s Classical Chinese Medicine program, Jonathan Hadas Edwards is now a fledgling practitioner in New York City. While pursuing Chinese medicine, his thirst for traditional wisdom has led him over the past decade or so to immersion in Ayurveda, Western Herbalism and most recently the West African-based system of Ifa.
Along with herbs, his particular passion is for divination, including the Yijing (I Ching). He is actively exploring ways of integrating oracular tools into clinical practice, and finds these tools invaluable for helping people find their way through crossroads and around dead-ends.
Jonathan can be reached at thewyrdthread{at} and invites you to learn more about his work at

Jonathan’s contributions to CMC include:

  1. A series on the wild heart of Chinese medicine, including this post about water
  2. A series on using the yijing in clinical practice, including this post – part 4 in the series