Sunjae Lee


My name is Sunjae Lee and I’m a Doctor of Naturopathic and Oriental Medicine practicing in Seoul, Korea. I grew up in the Boston area and developed a love for natural medicine late in the game, after getting an undergrad degree in Chemistry from University of Rochester and working as a chemical engineer for 3 years. During this time I brought myself out of a period of ill-health and in the process discovered that there was a career that was perfect for synthesizing my real passions in life: the arts, whether it be visual, musical, or martial. I came to NCNM in Portland, OR and enrolled in the dual degree program and haven’t looked back since.

I am most interested in the meeting of medicine, art, and community and embrace Chinese Medicine Central as a platform to synthesize and share my ideas. Besides my activities here, I like to indulge my artistic side with jazz saxophone and traditional Oriental paintings. Visit me on the web at: and


Articles I’ve written for Chinese Medicine Central: 

Chinese Medicine and the Creative Arts: More than a Luxury

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Where you can find me on the web: my main site / painting site my jazz trio my school blog