Academy General Information

Thanks for your interest in Chinese Medicine Central’s educational offerings – below find most of the commonly asked questions answered!

  • Are your courses eligible for continuing education credits?

Most of the courses are either already approved for NCCAOM continuing education credits or are in the process of becoming approved.  However, please see the individual course page for information about the course you are interested in.  If you have questions – simply contact us.

For those of you who are licensed in California – we do not yet have approval to offer California specific continuing education credits.  We’re working on it.

Finally, for those of you outside the US – you should consult your local licensing authority for more information.  At this time, we do not keep track of non-US continuing education standards.  If you have information about standards and the ability of our courses to fulfill those standards in your country, please contact us and let us know so we can begin to create a database of information.  Thanks!

  • Who teaches the courses?  Where can I learn more about them?

Most of the courses are taught by Chinese Medicine Central founder, Eric Grey.  As of 2012, Portland-area practitioner Brandon Brown is also teaching several courses.  Over time, as we find the most qualified and engaging teachers, we will add more instructors to the Academy.  You can learn about Eric and all other teachers through the about page – just click this link.

  • How do I access the course materials?  What if I cannot get online?

You will have the best experience in our courses if you have a reasonably new computer in good working order with regular access to the Internet.  All course materials are online.  However, you can download the materials to your computer at any time.  Thus, if you have intermittent access to the Internet, you could still take good advantage of the courses by downloading everything to your hard drive for later viewing.

  • What if I am not very good with technology – can I still take advantage of the courses?

The online nature of these courses do require that you have some basic computer literacy.  People who have very a very difficult time understanding how to use computers or how to navigate online will probably be unhappy with the way the course materials are delivered.  We can provided limited technical support, particularly if you are having a clearly defined problem (e.g. – “I cannot see this video, but I was able to see others”) but we cannot teach you how to use a computer, or how to navigate online in a general way.  If you worry about your ability to use the course site, please contact us directly so we can help you determine if our courses are for you.

  • What is your refund policy for courses?

If you have unresolvable technological issues or find some great deficiency in the course materials, please forward us an explanation and we will initiate a refund.  We only ask that, if you do this, you delete all the course materials from your computer.  We of course want you to be happy with your purchase.  That being said, please do consider the time you have available before taking a course – we find that most refunds are initiated because the person doesn’t have the time to take the course.

  • Will there be more courses in the future?

Yes, we will roll out courses as they become available.  Stay subscribed to the newsletter to find out about the latest updates.

  • What level of experience do I need to take these courses?

For the Essentials courses, no experience in Chinese medicine is necessary.  Other courses have pre-requisites and co-requisites as listed on their individual course pages.  In general, we welcome all levels of experience, including lay persons with no real background in Chinese medicine.  Ultimately, though, this course aims to serve students, future students, and practitioners of Chinese medicine – so the material typically assumes some basic level of understanding of Chinese medical theory.  If you have questions about a specific course that aren’t answered by that course’s page, please contact us.

  • Can I become a licensed practitioner by taking your courses?

No.  Chinese Medicine Central is not an accredited school of Chinese medicine.  If you are in a place where no licensing exists, you may be able to acquire enough knowledge to begin a serious study of Chinese herbalism – but we do not offer acupuncture training.  To be a truly competent Chinese herbalist, you need mentoring by somebody with experience – mere knowledge is not sufficient.  We do hope to offer in-person training to interested people at some point in the future.