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Hi - I'm the founder of this site and the primary master of all functions here. When I'm not writing, you can find me reaching out to the Chinese Medicine community across the web and in my own backyard. I currently teach Chinese herbs at my alma mater, the National College of Natural Medicine. Additionally, I'm the founder of Watershed Wellness, a thriving local clinic in Southeast Portland in Oregon. No matter where I'm working, you'll find my focus on the Classical approach to Chinese medicine laced throughout everything I do.

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Integrative medicine: What is the purpose of two kinds of medicine interpenetrating?

At NCNM, we learn Western medicine as part of our Classical Chinese Medicine education. Part of that is simply because a working knowledge of biomedicine is necessary for licensure. Part of it is because it’s good to be able to talk to Western physicians and Western educated patients about things that they can easily understand. […]

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