Chinese Medicine Business – Making a Living

Are you able to make a comfortable living using the skills, knowledge and experience you acquired during your education in Chinese medicine?  How long were you actively using your knowledge/degree before you were able to make a comfortable living?

Z’ev Rosenberg

Thank G-d, I have been able to make a good living, and from my first year I’ve had a full time practice with few lulls along the way. . and this for thirty years..

David Berkshire

It took me 18 months to be making a living such that I could just do my private practice. Now I make a very comfortable living, but I do work a lot as well. There are easier ways to make money, but Chinese Medicine is rewarding enough that it makes up for the hard work!

Seamus Kennedy

Yes, I am making a comfortable living. It would have happened faster if I hadn’t had the dream of creating an entire natural health care clinic and educational center, but even when I couldn’t afford that extra trip to NYC or to see Master Wu, I felt rich and content.

Monica Rudestam

Hmmm. . . .comfort is very subjective.  I feel that I live a comfortable life but I live simply and have no dependents. I have adapted my lifestyle to make sure to that I am able to do what I find important- such as special training in bio-dynamic massage and yoga- while saving money by being very conservative on how I spend my money.  I pay a small amount of my loans back every month with the income based repayment option (which I highly recommend), and see that my practice is continually growing. I look forward to the day that I can spend money more freely and feel confident supporting others on my income.

Emaline Gray

I’d say we still just make enough each month to get by, and wouldn’t be getting by if we didn’t have our student loans under the Sallie Mae Interest Based Repayment plan (you pay monthly 10% of what you make each month). We are able to pay ourselves each month, and have from the beginning, and live a simple enjoyable life. But getting a more updated car, taking a nice trip, having a savings account-not yet.

Eric Grey

I do, now, with a combination of teaching, writing and practicing medicine.  I’m still relying on a few tricks to get by, including special loan repayments (like Emaline).  I’d like to be in a better position to get health insurance, or put significant money away for the distant future, but I have no doubt I will get there in short order.  It took me about 8 months to break even, and another 8 before I started to feel comfortable.

Ann Krueger

I am. Sort of. This is the first year (this may literally be the first month) that I’ve felt I didn’t have to hustle, worry, stress or freak out over money or business. But I’ve been fortunate enough to pick up a steady paid position, part-time, in my field, and my private practice is growing naturally, and steadily, at it’s own rhythm.

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