Chinese Medicine Business – Most Important Thing

What’s the most important thing for a new practitioner to remember when trying to make a living with their degree?

Z’ev Rosenberg

Deepen your knowledge, heal many people, and word of mouth will get you patients.

David Berkshire

That their business needs to authentically reflect who they are. For this to be successful of course they need to focus on self cultivation, authenticity in all aspects of life: financial, sexual, spiritual, relationship, and all the other areas of life. This will in turn lead to success. Of course you need to be willing to put in the time and treat patients with deep compassion and love as well.

Seamus Kennedy

Remember the value of your work, and that it serves you to work your ass off for the sake of others. CM is not just about feeling better but about living out a destiny of awakening self and others, like it or not. Do not think of it as a ‘lifestyle’ and settle into self-satisfaction. Might as well do something you truly love and want to expand in, otherwise.

Monica Rudestam

You deserve to be paid for your services!

Emaline Gray

Let’s see what I come back to. The Neijing. The Classical Chinese Medicine Oath. Your Jewel. I feel like one hard lesson I learned my first year as a practitioner is that I am not completely responsible for someone’s health improving. You’ve got to do the best you can, ask for help from beyond and let it be when people leave. There’s a delicate melding of intelligence and intuition and grace and firmness when treating. I have found some of my most powerful days treating are when I’m not at my best and I just pray to above for help and strength. And in that state I have to give up some of my brain and sharpness. And I never feel like I’ve done so great but then patients come back and just say that was the best treatment ever. So who ever knows.

Eric Grey

It’s not all going to happen at once and a bad day/week/month doesn’t spell doom for your career.  Give it a little time, change things up, reconnect with your purpose, and carry on.

Ann Krueger

I have no idea. Don’t quit? No matter what? Keep an eye out for the opportunities? Be creative. Don’t judge your growth. Buy one of those kitten posters that reads, “Hang in there.”

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