Chinese Medicine Business – Outside Private Practice

Do you do something else than private practice that is still related to Chinese medicine?  What is it?  How long after graduation/education did you begin this activity?  Does this represent a significant source of income?

Z’ev Rosenberg

I’ve been a professor of Chinese medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for 21, years, have taught many seminars, and try to write in my spare time.  I didn’t teach for my first ten years of practice, although I published a small journal of Chinese medicine and wrote articles.  About 10-15% of income comes from teaching.  but of course, I do get referrals from students, and it keeps my name in the public eye.

David Berkshire

I teach. I began teaching 4 years after graduation and love it.  About 35% of my yearly income comes from teaching, however private practice makes money a lot easier than teaching- so I spend about equal amount of time between the two and make more in practice…

Seamus Kennedy

I was an LMT for years before and during NCNM, and it was a beautiful segue into the healing arts. I still practice, but as part of my CM practice, and charge $30 for 15 minutes, $120/hr (twice the local rate). Massage became truly amazing while studying CM, and I am very skilled if I say so myself.  No, I am full-time practitioner. I volunteer for hospice and am developing a qigong outreach program for a local prison-family population.

Monica Rudestam

I teach yoga and qigong classes. I have been teaching yoga since 1998 and it was my yoga practice that inspired me to study Chinese medicine. I started teaching qigong after I graduated from NCNM at the same yoga studio I had been working at for the last four years.  I wouldn’t call my teaching a very significant source of my income, but it has become a great source of clients for my Chinese Medicine practice, and vice versa.

Emaline Gray

I just run The Light Clinic and treat patients. Nothing else. And boy can that easily take all my time! The last few months Joe and I have been trying to have less days seeing patients to allow more time for the business side of the clinic and more time for the scholarship side of being a practitioner.

Eric Grey

I teach online and at my alma mater (NCNM).  I also write online and try to run a digital magazine.  Other than that, I spend most of my time running Watershed.

Ann Krueger

I work part-time in the NCNM Medicinary, supervising work-study students. I was just hired in this role. I also do group acupuncture two days per week at a local college. This outside work is a significant contributor to my income. But I expect to make as much or more, this year, from private practice, and it should be my main focus. The other things are supportive and regular, and that is comforting to me. But full-time private practice is my ultimate goal, and these other jobs simply support that goal along the way.

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