Chinese Medicine Foundational Theory

You can never revisit the foundations of Chinese medicine too often

foundationsChinese medicine has very firm foundations on an interconnected set of theories and practices that are deeply integrated. Visions of the body as holographically affiliated with the cosmos, an understanding of yin, yang and qi, philosophies as espoused by early medical writers and Daoist sages, the comprehension of the power of symbols – all of these things are critical to truly comprehend as we move forward in our practice of medicine.

Often, it can be hard to access this material. Even if you know where to look, it helps immeasurably to have a competent and inspired guide. At Chinese Medicine Central, we seek to offer you both the material and the guidance in a form that is interesting and accessible.

In this course, the first in the Essentials series, you will engage with the absolutely foundational material of Chinese medicine. But don’t let yourself believe that this means it’s not worth your time – even the most advanced Chinese medicine practitioner can benefit from a simple look at the basic information of our traditions!

Brandon Brown, your course instructor, will help you to understand these concepts without relying on over-simplified clichĂ©s – making plenty of links to the natural world and clinical practice.

The course admits students on a rolling basis, but we are currently making some changes to the structure of the course to make it more useful to students. If you would like to hear when the course is ready to take new students, please feel free to add your information to the form below. This list will ONLY be used for the foundations class and is entirely separate from all other informational newsletters on the site.

We expect the course to be available in Fall 2015