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The six conformations is the most complete and enlightening system of patho-physiological understanding in Chinese medicine.

Far from being just another way to organize the acupuncture channels, the six conformations actually encompass all the organ systems of the body, its tissues, pathways, functions, diseases and their resolutions. This system is so important, the father of Chinese herbal medicine – Zhang Zhongjing – based the entire Shanghan lun upon it.

Unfortunately, it is not well understood among Chinese medicine practitioners in the English speaking world. Because of the fast pace of contemporary education, and the need to produce practitioners who are competent enough to pass the national board exams, detailed information about this critical theory is simply ignored.

Because of this deficiency, many people have difficulty understanding works like the Shanghan lun, and generally struggle to diagnose diseases in the clinic. It’s very frustrating for a student or practitioner to know that the power and depth is THERE in the medicine, and yet feel unable to fully access it.

We created this course to help you access this material – no matter where you are in the world or how much time you have

Like the rest of our courses, this one is delivered in engaging, high quality video lectures accompanied with plenty of auxillary learning materials so you can really absorb the material. It’s a complete package of information that can take you from absolutely NO understanding of the 6 conformations to a level of comprehension that will allow you to utilize this theory in clinical practice.

What you will learn

Brandon Brown, the course instructor, begins with a definition and history of the 6 Conformations as mentioned in the Neijing Suwen and the Shanghan Lun. He then introduces some major concepts that are necessary for understanding each of the Conformations.

  1. Opening, Closing, and Pivoting
  2. The Resolution Times of each conformation and,
  3. The Root, Manifestation, and Center Qi of each Conformation

Finally, he will work with each conformation from Taiyang through to Jueyin – 6 in all. From the most exterior to the most interior, you will get the essential information about every aspect of this system in a way you can easily comprehend.

In each of the individual conformation classes, Brandon will discuss not only the pathology and physiology of each conformation, but also explain the *why* behind the symptoms. With this type of understanding, you can begin to explain novel cases in classical terms. From this vantage point, Chinese herbal formula prescribing becomes much more straightforward. Brandon uses concrete examples of herbal formulas and pathological circumstances, enlivened by his own understanding and experience, so this complex information becomes much more than “just theory.”

How the course works

Each of the six pre-recorded modules are released once per week. You’ll receive notification of their availability and some suggestions about how to proceed. However, you can go through the modules at your own pace – since once they are available to you they will remain available to you permanently. So – have a family and can only work through one module a month? No problem.

You’ll also be able to download the videos, and audio versions of each module, to your computer or mobile device. If you are going to vacation in the mountains away from wifi, you can still get your 6 conformations fix! Want to learn while jogging? No problem. We give the information to you in whatever format works best for you – one of the many benefits of digital education.

The modules come with information, of course, but also suggestions of simple exercises you can do, and homework you can complete, to deepen your experience.

If you would like to read the syllabus for the course – check it out by clicking here. Everyone loves a syllabus. 🙂

We are limiting registration during this period to 20 students so we have time and energy to answer questions. Currently, there are 20 19 18 17 16 spots remaining. Register soon!


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There are drawbacks to digital learning – we work hard to erase them

One of the greatest things about taking a live, in-person course with other students is the interaction. Hearing others’ questions, being able to discuss things with the teacher, the synergy created by the group – all greatly enhance the material being delivered. We cannot magically transport to your location, but we have two major ways we try to bridge the digital gap.

First – you will also have access to the members-only course forums. These forums are simple and easy to use, and serve as a gathering place for all of the students and the teacher. You can introduce yourself, ask questions about the material, and even talk about unrelated topics – just as you would in a live class. The forums, of course, rely on participation by everyone to be a truly vital center of interaction. We look forward to your joining us there!
Second – You can also join Brandon on periodic mentorship calls and have access to all previously recorded calls. In these calls, using diverse technology, you will be able to speak with and see the teacher as well as, sometimes, the other students. The calls are usually centered around a topic, with plenty of time for questions about the material in the course. You will have lifetime access to these calls for as long as they are being delivered. We record all of the previous calls so even if you cannot be there in person, you can still obtain the information.

Brandon and Eric are both also quite available to you via email – so if you ever have a question about the course or the material – help isn’t far away.

The course is currently being submitted for NCCAOM CEU points – if you are interested in gaining credit for your participation in the course, please let us know as soon as possible after you register.

Everything listed here for only $147!

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