Six conformations

The six conformations is the most complete and enlightening system of patho-physiological understanding in Chinese medicine.

6-conformationsFar from being just another way to organize the acupuncture channels, the six conformations actually encompass all the organ systems of the body, its tissues, pathways, functions, diseases and their resolutions. This system is so important, the father of Chinese herbal medicine – Zhang Zhongjing – based the entire Shanghan lun upon it.

Unfortunately, it is not well understood among Chinese medicine practitioners in the English speaking world. Because of the fast pace of contemporary education, and the need to produce practitioners who are competent enough to pass the national board exams, detailed information about this critical theory is simply ignored.

Because of this deficiency, many people have difficulty understanding works like the Shanghan lun, and generally struggle to diagnose diseases in the clinic. It’s very frustrating for a student or practitioner to know that the power and depth is THERE in the medicine, and yet feel unable to fully access it.

There are a variety of fantastic advanced courses available via in-person seminar through the excellent Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine (ICEAM).  These courses could act as a bridge from the very little taught in most schools of Chinese medicine to an ICEAM level of depth and breadth of understanding.  You’ll learn plenty to get you started – but not so much that as someone new to these concepts you would find yourself overwhelmed.

We created this course to help you access this material – no matter where you are in the world or how much time you have

Like the rest of our courses, this one is delivered in engaging, high quality video lectures accompanied with plenty of learning materials so you can really absorb the material. Brandon Brown, the course instructor, will begin with a definition and history of the 6 Conformations as mentioned in the Neijing Suwen and the Shanghan Lun. He then introduces some major concepts that are necessary for understanding each of the Conformations. 1) Opening, Closing, and Pivoting. 2) The Resolution Times and 3) The Root, Manifestation, and Center Qi of each Conformation.

Finally, he works with each conformation from Taiyang through to Jueyin – 6 in all. He weaves together interesting theoretical information with practical gems rooted in herbal formulas. Together, these different types of information will enhance your understanding of not just the six conformations, but the entire human body as understood in Chinese medicine.

The course admits students on a rolling basis, but we are currently making some changes to the structure of the course to make it more useful to students. If you would like to hear when the course is ready to take new students, please feel free to add your information to the form below. This list will ONLY be used for the 6 conformations class and is entirely separate from all other informational newsletters on the site.

We expect the course to be available in Winter 2016.

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