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Most of Chinese Medicine Central’s readers are either current students of Chinese medicine, practitioners of Chinese medicine, or folks who are considering entering school in Chinese medicine.  Some of you may also be other healthcare professionals who are interested in using Chinese medicine along with your other modalities or perhaps very interested laypeople.  Regardless of your status, studying is going to be part of your journey!

Eric Grey started this blog when he was a second year student at National College of Natural Medicine and has continued through formal education, and then out into the world to practice medicine and teach other students.  So, there is a lot of content on the site that relates to the student life.  If you are looking for new techniques, inspiration and advice, or resources related to studying and student life – you’ve come to the right place.


Here is a sampling of articles about studying and student life here on Chinese Medicine Central.

  1. 8 Scholarship Winning habits I learned through Chinese medicine study
  2. Back to School!  8 Low Tech items that make me an honors student
  3. Five simple methods I use to take advantage of my time in Chinese medicine school
  4. If you’re not memorizing, you’re not paying attention
  5. 7 simple ways to be a great student AND not kill yourself during Finals week
  6. Year of Sagely Living : Scholarship and study as a category of practice
  7. Reading widely to learn Chinese medicine
  8. Listening my way to success in the NCCAOM acupuncture board exam
  9. Frustrations as a practitioner and lifelong student of Chinese medicine
  10. The importance of the Spleen in studying Classical Chinese Medicine

Audio & Video

We’ve not done too many focused podcast on studying, but many students will feel some resonance with the earliest podcast episodes as well as learn some tips and tricks.  One of our most recent podcasts – number 18 – is an interview with one of the most devoted students of Shanghan lun herbalism DH has ever seen!

Recommended external resources

Top 5 study resources for Chinese medicine students

  • The forums over at Arnaudversluys.com – a difficult to navigate forum, but wonderful information and people always ready to answer questions (requires free registration)
  • TCMstudent.com is a fantastic resource for people studying for their board exams
  • Google Scholar is a good starting point in exploring issues in Sinology as well as the various natural sciences
  • Blue Poppy has a number of great, basic study resources for both Acupuncture and Chinese herbalism
  • Rootdown.us remains the best basic source of Chinese medicine information on the Internet – invaluable for recalling the basic data about that pesky herb for your next exam

Recommended books and products helpful for Chinese medicine students (non-medical)