CMC Forum Rules


I’m not fond of a lot of rules, but of course these things are necessary, sometimes. This page may change through time based on forum participant behavior. What follows is the simplest set of rules I can manage at the time.

  1. Introduce yourself! The clubhouses are a great place for introductions – but you may want to introduce yourself to your fellow classmates in the specific course forums. The more active and open you are, the more likely you will benefit from this space. I want you to benefit – so get involved!
  2. These forums are primarily for building community, sharing information and inspiration, and similar activities among people interested in, learning and practicing Chinese medicine. While the “Clubhouse” forums are free of any real topical restrictions, the hope is that all other forums will remain primarily centered around discussion of information relevant to Chinese medicine and allied fields. In other words, posting about your latest theories on a popular television show should probably be left for Facebook and other outlets. 🙂
  3. Be nice. Chinese medicine students and practitioners often have strong opinions. That’s fine. What will not be tolerated, EVER, is direct attack, open condescension and other meanness. There is plenty of room elsewhere in the world for that – go somewhere else.
  4. The forums are not for the promotion of commercial interests. Discussion of educational offerings, products and services related to the material in the forum, and other non-obnoxious sharing will be permitted on a limited basis. Excessive use of self-promotion is discouraged, and if you are reported as doing such, we will discuss it with you before taking stronger measures. It’s great if we can help each other thrive as business owners, but these forums are not primarily for that use.
  5. Moderators (assigned personally by me) and myself have final say in all matters of user banning, post removal, and other disciplinary actions that may be taken. If we believe that your actions were out of line with the guidelines, or seem otherwise mean-spirited or out of the bounds of decency, you may face any of the actions just listed. Pleading your case is unlikely to result in a change, but if you feel that the action was entirely out of line, you may feel free to contact support.

Thanks for observing these simple rules, and enjoy yourself.