Chinese Medicine Central Podcast Archive

The field of Chinese medicine can be lonely!  Some of you live in places where you’re one of relatively few practitioners.  Others of you (like myself) live in areas with more Chinese medicine acceptance and movement, yet folks are so busy, they rarely have time to talk to each other.  When my colleagues and I do get together, mostly we want to talk about our personal lives and relax after long clinical days.

But, there still needs to be space to talk about how clinic goes, to discuss little business details, and to remind one another that we’re not alone in this doctoring thing.  That’s the spirit with which this podcast was created.  It includes a lot of interviews, some clinical musings from me early on in my career, conversations with peers doing interesting things in the field of Chinese medicine, and more.

It is available in iTunes and Stitcher, but both of those services cache only a limited number of episodes.  Therefore, here find links to every single podcast episode.  You can download them to your computer, then sync to your phone or mp3 player, or you can listen to them right there on the page, in your web browser.

They are listed in reverse chronological order – so the newest episode is at the top of the page. Note : this site, and the podcast based on it used to be called Deepest Health. The Deepest Health podcast was discontinued in late 2014, and the Chinese Medicine Central podcast is being relaunched in 2015.